Track: West Midlands Rockers Conflict Chior Share Expansive New Single ‘Don’t Let Me Drown’

West Midlands based rock trio are back with their unique brand of expansive, cinematic alternative rock on the new single ‘Don’t Let Me Drown’.

Instantly comparable to the likes of Muse and tracks across Radiohead’s ‘The Bends’, ‘Don’t Let Me Drown’ opens with a thick walls of guitar, tight rhythms and warm bass under the breathy, silky and expressive lead vocals. As the track builds with layers of electronics which dance around the soundscape, the single’s cinematic soundscape is elevated before bursting into a gut busting guitar solo of long bending notes, gradually working it’s way up to some shredding sweep picking into the tracks stunning, intense climax. Taken from the upcoming album ‘Strange Game’, the single is a great advert for what to expect from the upcoming full release.

Speaking about the single and upcoming album, Conflict Choir share: “This is a single from our full album ‘Strange Game’, which will be released single by single throughout the year. Each single wil have alternative versions that we will sometimes release online but will reserve special versions only available as physical copies for liveshows – something for hardcore fans to dig their teeth into. We’re looking to release a visual representation of our world with each single to immersive the audience even further.”

A band with a stadium filling sound, clear musical skill and heaps of potential, Conflict Choir are certainly one to watch. Keep an eye out for the upcoming album and listen to the new single below:

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