News: The Bluetones 20th Anniversary Jukebox Tour

The Bluetones

The Bluetones are one of a number of bands who sum up a whole era of music. Brit-Pop was huge in the ninties, and launched the careers of such bands as Blur, Pulp and Oasis. The London-based four piece fronted by Mark Morriss found their own place amongst it all. Their quirky and playful sound made them stand out from the crowd, and helped them score several big hits and a handful of fantastic albums. Songs like ‘Bluetonic’, ‘Slight Return’ and ‘If’ gained them their star on the Brit pop walk of fame. They were certainly anthems for me growing up. It’s been four years since their last tour. Since then, frontman Mark Morriss has been ‘cutting some rug’ as a solo singer. I managed to catch him playing acoustically, supporting nineties sparing partners Shed Seven.

But now they are back, celebrating their twenty-year anniversary. I’m sure anyone like me who grew up on these tunes will be equally excited by the prospect, as terrified that it has been so long. Their jukebox tour suggests that they will be bringing back their old indie anthems for one last rinsing. They are doing eight dates around the UK, including Leeds, London, and Manchester. Dates below.

The Bluetones Anniversary Tour Dates
The Bluetones Anniversary Tour Dates


And if you can’t wait, watch this classic piece of Bluetones action from the nineties.

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