Premiere: Spring Skier gently reflect on ‘Six Strings, Eight Legs’ with a dreamy pop elegance.

Brisbane’s dreamy pop duo Spring Skier (Remy Boccalatte and Kane Mazlin) grace the pages of Backseat Mafia again with another stunning premiere, the gentle and reflective ‘Six Stings, Eight Legs’. A wry observation on the ministrations of a spider, Boccalatte’s voice has the sweetest edge, wrought with yearning and imbued with a sort of sadness that has the enthralling timbre of The Beach Boys with its almost falsetto tones.

Guitars softly patter and drop like snowflakes with gently tapping piano notes leaving a delicate filigree over the surface as the song slowly intensifies.

Boccalatte says of the song and its inspirations:

‘Six Strings, Eight Legs’ is a personal narrative of a simple lounge room jam, made more interesting through the discovery of an arachnid audience. A truly objective listener, it allows the free flowing recollection of memories of one who might also be approached with similar trepidation. It’s a song about the intrigue of the present trying to reframe memories that were just as understood.

The result is something quite heart achingly beautiful with lyrics that are evocative and touching:

There’s a spider who lives in my guitar
Seems right at home well here in the dark
And when it’s lonely recalls every part
Of every story that’s from my heart

And the softest flash of eyes
And the memories on the rise
Still the softest spark of fire

The accompanying video is a montage of clips tracing the life of a spider: a lovely palimpsest of the themes of this ever so beautiful and poignant track about birth, growth and development.

The track was produced by the multi-talented David Rylands (whose single ‘Get Heat’ was recently covered by us), and released on the False Peak Records label (headed by Boccalatte – see our recent interview with this prodigious talent here). available now though the link below as part of a release advent calendar.

An absolutely gorgeous aural treat to start the weekend.

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