Premiere: The mysterious Dänmark unveil their new emotive and anthemic single ‘We Come Unseen’ as part of False Peak Records’ advent treats.

We are very honoured to premiere the new single ‘We Come Unseen’ from the mysterious Brisbane group Dänmark – a part of the luminescent False Peak Records stable which have been releasing all manner of tasty treats in the lead up to the big day tomorrow.

Over the past 11 days we have already seen releases from Remy Boccalatte (head guru at False Peaks Records), Spring Skier, Overland Inn, The Yugoslav Attach, We Set Sail, David Rylands as well as little bites of news and poetry labeled as ‘motto musings’. A line is drawn underneath the festive season with the very poignant ‘We Come Unseen’, fittingly with a nod to the darker side of the festivities. According to the band, this is a song

…about having an awareness of one’s own depression and subsequent recoil to isolation, under the assumption that it would be better to be unseen out of consideration for others and their safety.

A good time to remind ourselves that it is not all joy and glad tidings for many of us at this time of year.

‘We Come Unseen’ is classic, anthemic stadium rock, filled with emotional power, jangling guitars and soft, velvety vocals that go straight for the jugular. The lyrics perfectly capture that feeling of isolation like being suffocated and submerged beyond light and warmth.

How’s your life above sea?
How’s your life without me?
This vessel is dying slowly
This water is far from holy

The hint of trumpet and the stabbing insistent instrumentation becomes onomatopoeic instrumental rhythms for the mental struggles we can face, while the haunting backing vocals create an ethereal palimpsest for emotional pain. The chaotic electronic bubbling end leaves an indelible uncertainty and lack of resolve in our minds. This is a very forceful and yet antithetically brittle track: sombre and reflective.

The accompanying video, directed by James Latter at Back Dock Arts in Brisbane, is an enigmatic performance piece cloaked in warm light and dark shade, sometimes reduced to a cold and distant small screen, dispassionate and cold: as alien and alone as we sometimes feel. Quite sumptuous and enigmatic:

‘We Come Unseen’ is available through the link below or here:

Who are Dänmark? Maybe bits and pieces from other local Brisbane bands, some of whom may be recognised from the video. It matters not: this is delicious dark emotive fare to provide a weighty, emotional counterpoint to the festive season.

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