Premiere: The prodigious and highly talented Remy Boccalatte unveils new solo track ‘Kodama’ ahead of a solo album: an ethereal and mystical journey.

Remy Boccalatte must have some magical machine that renders him super powers in the world of creative endeavours. He has a day job (as many in the creative world are forced to have) but manages to helm one of the most innovative and exciting labels in Australia (False Peaks Records) marketing some incredible talent (both domestic and overseas); is part of the dream pop duo Spring Skier (who released a recent single ‘Six Strings, Eight Legs’ reviewed by me here); writes extraordinary poetry and is expanding his offerings to including honey under the False Peaks label. Yes, honey. Such a busy schedule may explain why he has not as yet ended world poverty or COVID, but you never know what’s next. Read our recent interview with Boccalatte.

As part of a countdown to the festive season, Boccalatte has been releasing an advent calendar‘s worth of work – the Spring Skier single, roster releases and news, droplets of beautiful poetry, and now his new solo single ‘Kodama’. The mysticism of the themes behind the single is as rich, intelligent and luxurious as the music itself and we are immensely proud to premiere this today. Boccalatte says it is part of an intended album for release in the new year:

‘Kodama’ is part of my sophomore concept album, a fantastical journey of meeting a Japanese serow, who takes on personal qualities (a la Studio Ghibli), and repeated interactions while its surrounding environment changes through modernization and increased capitalism. Despite the initial naivety upon arrival, through the consistent meetings, a real understanding of the repercussions comes to light. The whole album is a reflection on personal growth, while ‘Kodama’ expresses a desire to understand the unspoken discourse so evident around us.

Sonically, ‘Kodama’ is weightless and ethereal with dappling arpeggiated guitars and the most haunting cello sketching delicate tendrils in the horizon. The pulse briefly quickens in an interlude before easing back into a dreamy landscape. Boccalatte’s voice is soft and reflective with heartachingly beautiful lyrics:

It seems so evasive that I’ve never been skilled
with such fluid motion to speak like the hills
I hope that one day I can do it with ease
Converse with the subtlety expressed by the breeze
I’d like to embody, I’m not sure If I could
The majestic presence displayed by the woods

The affinity with mysterious elements of nature is beautifully evoked in the accompanying video shot in Japan while Boccalatte lived there with additional editing by Paul Voge – a journey through breathtaking snowy landscapes. Is there a serow flitting through the trees?

This is exquisite work and was recorded at Base Camp (in actual fact Boccalatte’s living room) and mixed by Ryan Strathie (who also played drums – Holy Holy), and features the string arrangement by Vancouver multi instrumentalist Claire Stevenson. It was mastered by Matt Redlich (Ball Park Music/ Holy Holy/ Husky). You can download ‘Kodama’ through the link below:

As we all haul up the anchor for the festive season, this is a beautiful way to set sail into the new year.

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