Countdown To Rebellion – Day 30: Introducing Turtles Jr

Legendary punk rock band, Turtles Jr. has been active against the authoritarian New Order regime in Indonesia since 1992.

From Bandung, the quartet are; Boentar (Drums), Dohem (Bass), Buux (Guitar), and Boodfuck (Vox).

They’ve managed to record 4 albums and have appeared on numerous compilation albums. Just being a punk is about as subversive as you can be in Indonesia. Channelling the spirit of 77, with the hardcore 2nd wave of bands like Discharge and GBH, live they are an explosion of noise and movement. They impressed greatly in 2022 and they return for a more prestigious slot on this year’s Pavilion stage on Fri 4th Aug at 17:35 – 18:10

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