DVD Review: Cardinal

Every time you look at a TV schedule there seems to be another new crime drama. The huge rise in popularity of the genre was undoubtedly sparked by the wave of Scandinavian noir. Since then, we’ve seen a wealth of crime drama from around the world. It’s fair to say that Canada has hardly been at the forefront of the movement. Their latest export, Cardinal, aims to change that. Whilst it doesn’t rewrite the wheel, it’s a notable new entry into a crowded marketplace.

When the body of a 13-year old girl is discovered in Northern Ontario, John Cardinal (Billy Campbell) is brought back into the homicide team. It’s personal for Cardinal, whose involvement in the original investigation into her disappearance almost tipped him over the edge. He’s teams up with a new partner Lise Delorme (Karine Vanasse), but as the pair desperately try to track down the serial killer, it becomes apparent that she may have another agenda.

Cardinal is a gripping crime drama, which despite being comprised of six episodes, is edited with the pace and structure of a film. The two leads establish a wary chemistry, which alloys their relationship to develop naturally. The backdrops are breathtaking, and the town of Algonquin Bay proves a perfect den of dark and dangerous secrets. It’s an impressive start for Cardinal, which has quickly established itself as an impressive and thrilling new show.

Cardinal is released on DVD by eOne on 02 October.

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