Track: The L.I.F.E. Project Cover Metallica’s One

Ryan Berrier

With the release of their second EP ‘Big F.O.U.R’, Josh Rand and Casandra Carson who make up The L.I.F.E Project have shared their cover of Metallica’s track ‘One’

With regard to their interpretation of ‘One’, Josh Rand comments:

“The intro to ‘One’ was the very first piece of music I learned on a friend’s guitar many years ago. And the fact that the song has really never been covered… it just made sense to me for us to cover this epic track.”

Similarly, vocalist Casandra Carson tells us:

“I love that the melodies are haunting, and the lyrics are so dark. I was stoked to take a stab at it and paint a picture of how the songs feels to me.”

Keeping it true to the original, albeit with powerful female vocals, the song still holds onto the harrowing and emotive lyrical content while the music has a punchier crisper feel to it. There’s nothing this band can’t turn their hands to.

Check it out, here

Find out more via the bands Website or Facebook

Purcahse the EP here here.

The bands first self titled EP is still available here

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