Track: Opus Kink – The Unrepentant Soldier

Berhnard Deckert

Brighton collective Opus Kink have shared ‘The Unrepentant Solder’, which will be their second track to come off their forthcoming EP due 21st March via cult indie label Nice Swan Records.

Detailing their newest EP reveal, Opus Kink stated:

“’The Unrepentant Soldier’ is an appraisal of remorseless evil in the key of C minor. Some men just want to watch the world burn, others want to teach the children how to stoke the fire, some just want to get it all over with under a shady tree… our hero wants all of this and what he wants he gets. Salud!”

Rolling guitar and hypnotic vocals begin before the blaring of horns and vocal screams take over. A fabulous blend of indie jazz-punk with Angus Rogers’s wonderful shape-shifting vocals. It’s a track that can only come from this band who are a creative tour de force right now.

Check it out, here

Find out more via the bands Facebook or Bandcamp

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