News: Bonny Doon release title track from new album

Photo credit Andi Kerr

“Let There Be Music,” is perhaps the most unabashedly affirming song Bonny Doon has created to date. Driven again by piano and Kmiecik’s elated drumming style, the song pairs a simple melody with a simple sentiment – the power of music. While there is plenty of humor and nuance to be found in the lyrics elsewhere on the record, Colombo and Lennox treat this matter with childlike earnestness. By the end of the song, the band is playing it fast and loose, cutting friend Michael Malis free on the piano to crescendo in joyful exuberance. In both its sincerity and simplicity, “Let There Be Music” reflects the essence of Bonny Doon.

The album Let There Be Music out June 16th


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