Premiere: Daniel Green (Laish, DG Solaris) releases new cover for Marty Willson-Piper’s (The Church) song

London-based Daniel Green is an established songwriter, performer and musician, who has made a name for himself under the moniker Laish, recently changed to DG Solaris after starting a collaboration with his wife, during their honeymoon.

We are proud to host his new release, a cover for a song by Marty Willson-Piper, former member of The Church, and later a solo artist. Daniel and Marty toured together in Texas in 2018, in a tour that also included Salim Nourallah. During that tour, Daniel fell in love with this song by Marty and, on a day in the studio with Salim after the tour, played his own interpretation of the song.

A gentle and respectful cover, this version of “I Don’t Think So” features the subtle chamber-folk-pop arrangements that are characteristic of Daniel’s style, as well as his ironic storytelling. This is how he tells the story of this cover: “I listened to Marty and his wife Olivia sing it every night and I just fell in love with the song’s lyrics. They are both heartfelt and sometimes hilarious which is basically my favourite combo. But the beautiful melody really got under my skin and I found myself singing along at every show. Salim offered me a day in his studio, and it was the song going round my head, so it made sense to get it down. The song had been sitting on a hard drive for a couple of years, and this year, during a locked down winter, we finally dusted it off and sent it to Marty who had no idea we had recorded this. I think he liked it…Thanks Marty!”

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