Premiere: see the visual delights of Smote’s ‘Poleyn’

As their debut full-length on Rocket Recordings awaits release, Smote have shared the video for ‘Poleyn’, created by Rocket’s own John O’ Caroll. The track shares the album with ‘Drommon Pt.1’ and ‘Drommon Pt.2’, released as a limited tape/digital release earlier this year, as well as the previously released lead single ‘Hauberk’.

Thematically focused with the rest of Drommon, ‘Poleyn’ delivers mantric repetition – a primal rhythm providing a rigid backbone to the freely wandering organ – that crosses cultures in addition to genre. This hypnotic instrumental repetition is mirrored by the album’s stunning mystical cover; the visuals for ‘Poleyn’ go even further in cinematic psych-folk glory, subsuming a cycle of landscapes through several kaleidoscopic angles.

See the video for ‘Poleyn’ below.

Alongside a recently announced show at The Tallyrand in Manchester in November, Smote will also be accompanying numerous other Rocket labelmates – including Gnod, Bonnacons of Doom and Petbrick – in Newcastle at this year’s Brave Exhibitions Festival. See tickets and further details for the event here.

Smote’s Drommon is released this Friday on Rocket Recordings – however, the current crisis vinyl manufacturing is undergoing means that the limited edition LP will be delayed, instead making it to stores around late October or early November. Pre-order Drommon here.

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