Track: Riun Garner – Fabric

Out right now is Fabric, the new single from Canadian singer-songwriter Riun Garner. It’s the follow up to his much lauded debut single Trouble that saw him gain not just the interest of music fans, but of the organisers of the 2020 Canadian Songwriter Challenge, who promptly signed him up.

Of the song, Garner says “It’s an intimate and personal song about one’s insecurities to achieve something great in their lives. About the challenges one can face to really believe in themselves, and to have the confidence to be themselves. Knowing that no matter what, despite even having your family and your friends by your side, that it’s up to you to push forward and put in the work to achieve greatness and make your unique mark on the world.

While the sentiment is good, the tune is beautiful. Earthy guitar lines pick their way through, immediately engaging, while Garners vocal delivers these lovely melodies, as he treads softly and emotionally charged over the top.

Check it out, here

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