See: Smiling Assassin share video for ‘Divide and Conquer’

Smiling Assassin not only deserve to be heard, but demand to be heard by any modern socially conscious open minded music fan. With their Left Over Crack style of Punk, your left in no doubt where they stand in the world.

Vocalist George Garnett explains:
Divide and conquer is a song about people who are desperate to be middle class. Work themselves to the bone to afford luxurious items in an attempt to appear more sophisticated. It’s less than 2 minutes of straight-up rapid aggro punk.”. 

Divide & Conquer not only allows Smiling Assassin to bring together their fusion of punk and hardcore, but also their perspective on the world. This is a perfect example of a song being written about circumstances that people can resonate with, with a society becoming more divided, having a voice highlighting the plight, not just of the Millennial, but of everyone.

Josh Rogerson (Guitar) concisely nails the issue: 
Divide and Conquer is a good old fashioned shout about how hard it’s becoming to survive on modern wages and how the gap between the working class and the middle class is getting bigger and bigger.“.

Robbie Johnson (Drummer) created the frenetic lyric video for the track, which in itself saw challenges!
Personally Divide and Conquer is one of my favourites from the album, it was the first song I remember nailing down and editing the video was a real challenge… I specifically remember hitting George up and being physically angry with him for fitting so many words into a sentence! But now that it’s done that just ads to the chaotic energy this song brings and a lyric video was the perfect choice for it, I’m pretty proud of this one.“.

Divide & Conquer is available at all good outlets right now, find it on SpotifyApple Music or your other favourite service. You can also buy the album and assorted merch from the band directly at their store.

Check out the bands WEBSITE for all things Smiling Assassin

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