See: The Infernal Sea Share Video For New Track Negotium Crucis And Announce New Album.

UK black metal band The Infernal Sea have announced details on their new album ‘Negotium Crucis’ which is released on 18th September through Apocalyptic Witchcraft. 

The concept of the record is focused on the black death that swept across the UK and Europe from 1348 and the horrors that man inflicted upon one another as a result. So you could say the theme has some relevance to what’s going on right now…

The band add, “The world we once knew has drastically changed, we live in fear of the unknown. As proclaimed Heralds of the plague, we warned of the oncoming darkness, a coincidence perhaps or strangely prophetic? The global pandemic is devastating society and with it the music industry is on its knees. We too have suffered delays at the hands of Covid-19, but we rise from the turmoil to unleash our forthcoming album ‘Negotium Crucis’. This album has been challenging, but we conquered all, delivering our strongest and most diverse work to date. Hail the darkness!” 

‘Negotium Crucis’ sounds lighter than previous tracks. The guitars aren’t as bass heavier and it benefits from that. The guitars cut through and helps separate the music. That doesn’t mean this isn’t the blackest of metal though. The vocals make sure of that. The drums are just relentless and propel the track along like a freight train and that riff is damn near perfect.

Check it out, here

Find out more about the band via their Facebook

Pre order the new album here

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