Track: Even As We Speak – Unknown

Even As We Speak are of the most successful Australian musical exports in the late eighties, early nineties – catching the attention of the legendary John Peel and signing to the iconic Sarah Records. Recent years have seen the band reform, and the release of a new single, ‘Unknown’ fills one’s heart with gladness.

Off their new album ‘Adelphi’, due out 24 July 2020 through Shelflife Records, ‘Unknown’ is an absolutely gorgeous, shimmering track that floats and swoops in a dream-like reverie. It has enchanting vocals that mesmerise – recalling to some extent bands like St Etienne with its glorious combination of electronics and acoustics and soft vocals.

The psychedelic, reverb soaked sounds mask the wistful themes of the passage of time and life and the temporal nature of existence.

According to Matt Love from the band:

The song Unknown is in the first instance a confrontation with the inevitability of death. However, with that comes the question-how did I live? Death is a journey we take alone to an Unknown destination, but in life, what did I stand for, will you remember me, and will there be any trace of the love I have given? It is not a song for sunlit afternoons.

The accompanying video is fittingly beautiful to match the tones of the song – space age, ethereal and melancholy. Just sublime:

‘Adelphi’ is available to preorder through the link below:

What a delight it is to have a band of the calibre of Even As We Speak back in play. Even As We Speak are:

Matthew Love
Mary Wyer
Julian Knowles
Rob Irwin
Anita Rayner

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