FOLLOWING his recent reveal that he’s got a new album, TYRON, primed and ready for February 5th, slowthai has surprise-released a new track which won’t be included on the album, the freestylin’ lyricism of “Thoughts”; watch the video below.

It’s a stream of consciousness, heavy on the raw beatz, the “fucked-up shit in my cranium”, as he spits; big on the delivery and in-your-grille truths, that he turned around really quickly at a recent session and decided to put out there as a standalone.

A crisp two minutes forty-four, it’s already racked up a third of a million views on YouTube; testament to his skills and his candour.

Follow slowthai on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; TYRON will be released on February 5th on digital, CD, trad black and deluxe yellow and scarlet vinyl, with a dizzying array of merch bundles inc slowthai Russian dolls, facemasks and more; go for a dive into your options here.