Track: Jodi Phillis releases shimmering ‘You Are Loved’

Jodi Phillis

Jodi Phillis has today released another track, ‘You Are Loved’ (via Cheersquad Records & Tapes) off her album, ‘We Need To Be Free’, which is out on 1st July 2022.

Phillis co-wrote ‘You Are Loved’ with a close friend, Martha Sear and in an Instagram post explained how the track came about.

On ‘You Are Loved’, Phillis’s voice is warm and gentle and perfectly complements the theme of the lyrics. The song is like a soothing balm, enveloping you in its comforting embrace. It’s truly remarkable how Phillis and Sear have captured such universal themes in the words and music of this track, it really is like magic happened that day when Phillis received an email from her friend.

The track is accompanied by a video, directed by Phillis’s friend, visual artist Derek Kreckler with the help of some other talented and skilful Illawarra creatives: Martin Fox (camera), Linda Luke (best gaffer and choreographer), and Quirine Van Nispen, Jodi’s good friend and partner in art, helped with the styling. The video stars Todd (T.L. Johnston) as the lost youngster wandering the streets of Wollongong.

“The video shoot for ‘You Are Loved’ was made over fourteen months because of the stop-start of Covid-19 lockdowns and rain. We became a team adept at using guerrilla tactics to succeed in-between rain and lockdowns. At the core of the story is a twenty-four-hour journey. The journey traces Todd’s characters’ passage from one place to another while hinting at the often complicated process to realise personal change.”

Derek Kreckler

Listen to or buy ‘You Are Loved’ HERE.

Photo Credit: Tony Mott

Phillis also recently announced her ‘We Need To Be Free’ East Coast tour for August.

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