Say Psych: EP Review: Medistation – Medistation

Medistation is a project from Eric Strand, of The Orange Revival fame. Yet another addition to the already impressive list of acts emerging from Stockholm, Medistation has been in the pipeline since 2014, when Eric began to record tracks that were then never released. This Friday, Fuzz Club Records release the EP to much anticipation.  The project is an impressive solo effort, with Eric having played most of the instruments himself. However, acknowledging his own shortcomings, he does enlist the help of Jake Garcia of The Black Angels for backing vocals on ‘Pool of Blood’ and there are appearances from Cobain Modeste of The Buttertones on drums and Max Groundstroem of Samling/Valp on grand piano.

The EP opens with the lead track ‘Pool of Blood’ which BSM premiered in March; a fuzzed up, reverb drenched brain teaser that takes hold and just won’t let go. It marks the intention of this project early, with commanding vocals that fans of Jesus and the Mary Chain will appreciate. ‘I Never Knew’ is a softer track, with some distinct Neil Young country influence shimmering under its fuzzy exterior; fans of Psychic Ills probably won’t go far wrong with this one either. ‘The World is Weeping’ is pacier, with hints of early Primal Scream mutilated to a degree that they are fresh and enticing. The relentless guitars don’t let up and when the additional riff comes into play its intoxicating.

‘Anything For You’ is slower, evoking California coast soundscapes before the aptly named ‘The End’ concludes. The instrumental number offers haunting echoes and electronic interludes which show a mellow side to the EP and again highlight that we have more than a one trick pony here.

Medistation take you on a journey with this EP, meandering through musical genres whilst swathing everything in a psychedelic hue. To say this is essentially the work of one man is a testament to his musical ability; the world needs more musicians like Eric Strand.



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