Track: Psyclon Nine – Money And Sex And Death

Psyclon Nine is the brainchild of Nero Bellum, with his dark-tinged electronic metal and his distinctive whispered-scream vocals. The band’s forthcoming new album, ‘Less To Heaven’, is a complex and immersive work that sees Psyclon Nine at a creative peak. This is evident in the record’s first single, the seething ‘Money And Sex And Death’.

Bellum comments:

“it was inspired by the excitement we feel when we see the world burning around us and the abhorrent personal truths that we hold as sacred. The misery of others has never been viewed by so many angles, and strictly for our entertainment. With ‘Money And Sex And Death’ I am presenting your reflection to yourself.”

Like the devil whispering himself. Deep booms and claps fill your ears and doom-laden synths creep in before all hell breaks loose on the chorus. A full-on riff filled mayhem of a chorus that set fire to the track. It’s dark, disturbing, fascinating and bloody brilliant.

Check it out, here

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