See: Cícero releases new video for “De Passagem”

It’s been a while since Cícero released a video. The Brazilian singer shot some very creative
videos for is first album, Canções de Apartamento (2011), in which he rode on an old tram in a
calm Rio de Janeiro, sings from his apartment room and lives through a very melancholic carnival. It took a long time, but on his third álbum, A Praia (2015), the scenary moved from Rio to São Paulo and a new video was finally released.

With São Paulo’s landmarks and buildings in the background, we follow a girl on the crowded public tranport and on the streets of the city. It is a sensitive and creative way to homage
the potential love that you might find commuting to work every day, just as the lyrics of the song carefully and beautifully explore.

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