TRACK: Catch Prichard – ‘Lipstick And Fur’: 1am chamber pop … with a coronavirus baritone

Catch Prichard, photographed by Rochelle Arucan

CATCH PRICHARD are a chamber-pop orchestral project based in the San Francisco Bay city of Oakland, who have a delightfully nuanced, baritone way with their musical stylings, the like of which you may have not heard since Tindersticks were in their early orchestral pomp.

They have a new album out on April 23rd entitled I Still Miss Theresa Benoit; and have just shared the 2am, bar-closing serenade of lead single “Lipstick and Fur”, which you can hear below. 

It’s beswathed with cigarette smoke, regrets sung through the bottom of a glass of bourbon, with a big, cinematic TexMex swing goin’ on too; frontman Sawyer Gebauer setting the baritone seal with a raw-throated drawl, heavy-lidded and regretful.

Yep, he could really use some honey and lemon for that evocative rasp; well, turns out he could’ve used that and more since the sessions for the album, which were held in San Fran last February, Sawyer was unknowingly suffering from Covid-19 – several weeks before the world went into lockdown. 

Throughout recording Sawyer felt feverish, tired, foggy, and unfocused. His vocal range had diminished, his breath felt like it was being snatched away, and he had mysteriously lost his sense of taste and smell. It wasn’t until the evidence started to be published that he learned what these were symptoms of.

The band debated rerecording, but ultimately went with Sawyer recorded in the round, in the rough.

Catch Prichard’s I Still Miss Theresa Benoit will be released digitally and on vinyl on April 23rd; pre-order yours from Bandcamp now.

Follow Catch Prichard at their website and on Facebook and Instagram.

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