Premiere: Legendary Scottish indie stalwarts The Orchids release new single, This Boy Is A Mess

Legendary might seem an overused word, but were gonna go ahead and use it anyway to describe Glasgow indie band The Orchids. First coming to notice making smart, emotive and ambitious indie pop for the equally legendary Sarah Records (we really don’t give two hoots dropping the L word), we’re delighted to be able to premiere their new single This Boy Is A Mess right here on Backseat Mafia. It’s taken from their forthcoming album Dreaming Kind, shich comes out on Skep Wax on 2nd September. pre order it here

Theres not a lot different in 2022’s The Orchids – they still have the tunes and the arrangements, nodding at Aztec Camera here, rifling through Orange Juice riffs there, until something comes through thats unmistakably Scottish, but also unmistakably The Orchids. Tender, pointed, melodic and frankly brilliant.

And if you missed (or werent around) back then, make sure you jump onto it now or you’ll regret it.

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