Track: Pete Briley – Go To Bed

Pete Briley is set to release his debut solo album on the 24th of November via all streaming services.
Having released three singles so far, the beautiful drunken tale that is ‘Rhonda‘, the uplifting ‘Right Place, Wrong Time‘ and the joyous ‘Elvis‘, Briley has now shared the final single ‘Go to Bed’.

Pete states:

“This album has been brewing for many years, but only really started to take shape in the early part of 2023. I hoped to capture something of what’s it like to alive now. The aim was to write songs that speak to the modern condition in an empathetic yet defiant way. We’re all overrated upstarts with ideas above our station and we all feel a little sense of disillusion with the world as it is, so I tried to write songs imbued with that small sense of rebellion, of reclaiming the part of our lives that modernity has stripped from us all.”

“I always have a rule when I make music – I try to do something in each track that I’ve never done before. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, it can be a recording or songwriting technique, a different approach to the song or even just the instrumentation. But I wanted to create a thread of tracks”

Check out the video for Go To Bed, below:

Find out more via Briley’s Website or Facebook

Read our interview with Briley here

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