Premiere: Pete Briley – Rhonda

As one third of the brilliant The Outlaw Orchestra, Pete Briley is no stranger to the music scene and we at Backseat Mafia are very pleased to be premiering the video for Briley’s debut single is ‘Rhonda’. A beautifully written drunken tail an ode to Rhonda that echoes the likes of Pete Doherty, Badly Drawn Boy and King Creosote.

On his solo venture Pete states:

“I just love making music, writing music, recording music, love doing it. Inevitably more ideas and my taste in music is quite broad so not all of what I write or produce is naturally a fit for The Outlaws – because of different writing styles, techniques, instrumentation – so eventually you start to build up a catalogue of material that you wonder whether it could be any good in its own right.”

As a musician who loves to write and record, Pete goes on to state:

”In between the regular writing and recording sessions with The Outlaws, I found I had more that I wanted to put out that didn’t naturally find a home with the musical style”

With a toe tapping rock n rolling beat and Briley’s soothing vocals, the track is an easy listen that you can’t help but get sucked into. The refrain in the chorus will have many an audience joining in. In fact a couple of spins and you will be singing the whole way through this cracker of a track.

Check it out, here

Find out more via Briley’s Website or Facebook

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