Discover: Singer Sayed Sabrina is a soul – busting Tour De Force

Sayed Sabrina- Thou Art That

We live in a musical world where the quintessential soul singer has become synonymous with either reflecting the sounds and timbres of old, stemming from Janis Joplin to Chaka Khan, or Mama Knows Best to the lady that did it all, Aretha. Then , along comes Sayed Sabrina. I should say she’s been around for a while and is hugely underrated, which should definitely change. Bold, yet vulnerable , her voice is so damn confident it doesn’t even need a full band to back her up. It’s no surprise, given her life story plays well into her blues stylings, as well as defines her pretty much as a Blues artist with every inch of life experience to draw from. Sayed is a native Angeleño who, during the 1980s, was part of the L.A. punk rock scene. Living on the streets of Hollywood, spending time in group homes and juvenile hall, and eventually becoming a teenage mother , Sabrina learned how the music industry AND the world worked. She later made a name for herself and found acceptance in the blues community with her previous release “Big Boy Blues,” a huge international success and is currently in its 3rd printing – Eventually playing on the same bill as B.B. King, Los Lobos, Jimmy Cliff, Dr. John, Leon Russell, The Temptations, The Motels to name a few. However, Sayed doesn’t claim to be a blues singer – “More like a singer that knows what it’s like to have the blues. I like emotionally driven music.”

My personal favourite from her recent chart topping album “ Thou Art That ” is the track ” Goodie Two Shoes”. It showcases not only Sayed’s naturally soulful powerhouse vocals, but her increible piano skills !

Sayed Sabrina- Goodie Two Shoes

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