Track: Ahmen – Headphones

If its escapism your looking for this Monday morning, yu might not need to go any further than Ahmen. The New Jersey based rapper, the son of Sri Lankan immigrants, has a new single Headphones which deals with such issues. As Ahmen himself explains “Far too often, our potential is limited by society’s pressures: generational poverty, homophobia, racism, conflict, and more. We have the ability to achieve the unthinkable and defy odds, and sometimes it requires escape. ‘Headphones’ represents more than a fashion piece – it’s a method of escape so we can fly away to greater heights.”

Its taken from his new, debut album, Hero Ball which features production from Hollywood Legend (responsible for Headphones), Taliband, Diamond Style, Trill, Scarecrow and Ear 2 Tha Beat. It opens with this glitchy guitar, before it unfurls into this kind of warped pop/rock track. Standard yes, but there’s something instantly loveable abut it. Over the top, Ahmen shows his considerable skills, creating something that’s immediate but full of clever plays, rhymes as cadences.

Hero Ball is out now.

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