Track: TOWNS unveil the fuzzy hook-laden track ‘Season 5 (Break My Fall)’ and announce signing to label Farmer And The Owl and tour dates.

If you’ve ever had the chance to meet either Aston or Dan from TOWNS, you’ll know that they’re not only of the sweetest and kindest humans on earth, but you’d also know just how much personality and character they inject into their projects. Everything they do is multicoloured and distinctive, and their new single ‘Season 5 (Break My Fall)’ wholly delivers the fundamental elements of depth, emotion and nostalgia.

‘Season 5 (Break My Fall)’ is a fuzzy time warp through nineties-infused hooks, textured with contrapuntal guitar riffs that flutter with prominence, and radiantly directorial drums that enhance the track’s aromatic charm. The vocals linger with resonance and sentimentality, an imperative factor for the redolent feelings TOWNS strive to explore with this single. Throughout its duration, the group’s trademark live energy and charisma is ever-present, gifting listeners far and wide and teasing them for the opportunity to witness this one in person.

Commenting on ‘Season 5 (Break My Fall)’, TOWNS say the song is:

about nostalgia, a song about understanding that you are growing up and there is a gap developing between where you are now and your youth, but also realizing there is a gap between now and what an ‘adult’ life should be like.

For the video the band 

…spent HOURS searching for reference videos and creating mood boards for styling and set design etc. While we were practically creating a period piece, we did a deep dive into what Ashton Kutcher was wearing on the red carpet or what Seth Cohen would wear in an episode of the OC and it made us so intent on making you feel like you were watching something that would’ve followed up Natasha Bedingfield’s ‘Unwritten’ on Channel V.

The arrival of new single ‘Season 5 (Break My Fall)’ is accompanied by the stellar news that the duo has signed to the cherished label Farmer And The Owl, whose roster includes Hockey Dad, Moaning Lisa, and Bad//Dreems to name a few. Aston comments:

I think for as long as I’ve been a musician I’ve wanted to once say ‘I’ve signed to a label’ and to now proudly be a part of the Farmer and the Owl team, I can use the DeLorean and go back in time and tell little me it’s all going to be okay. For them to take two clueless, cheeky, sleepy, curious musicians under their wing, we couldn’t thank them enough!!

TOWNS are a band worthy of mountains of praise and affection, for all the love they put into their music unconditionally, for the relationships they’ve helped create through the power of music, and for their generosity as two Adelaidean heroes vulnerably airing themselves with flexible virtuosity.

Don’t miss your chance to see them live on their remaining Keep On Swingin’ tour dates!

Friday 20th May – La La La’s, Wollongong
Saturday 21st May – Waywards, Sydney
Thursday 26th May – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
Friday 27th May – Gold Coast, Elsewhere Bar 
Friday 3rd June – Adelaide, Jive

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