See: Wet Nuns release new video for Hanging

We’re all older, wiser than we were days ago, never mind months or years. Every 24 hours is another experience or set of experiences, feelings, happenings. The the famous saying goes ‘time waits for no man’, and so it is that just months after we first (admittedly belatedly) came across Sheffield Punk Death-Blues duo Wet Nuns, aka drummer Alexis and singer/guitarist Rob, they now have one of the most hotly anticipated albums coming out in just a few short weeks, and their fanbase and interest has exploded of late. And that’s not just here in Sheffield.

Out right now is the boys new single ‘Hanging’. It kicks off with these shards of guitar noise that form a rudimentary, but exhilarating riff, around which the verse is based. Robs vocal style stinks of a man who knows his way round the inside of a bottle, and has spent time studying at the school of hard knocks. The chorus is a sing (shout)-a-long, glorious riot of a thing, and it then moves into an extended guitar solo that builds triumphantly to the end

In contrast to the bands recent horror-laden videos, this one sees the band taking part in a festival, doing what they are good at and stoking up the crowd into a frenzy, before cutting to the band destroying the same gear they’ve used in what appears to be an industrial estate. Even that they do with passion, aggression and meaning.

One things for certain. For Wet Nuns, their time is now.

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