Album Review: Schramm – Androide Scrip (Edition DUR 09)

The Breakdown

...A beautiful addition to any Jazz collection...

ANDROID SCRIP is a jazz record – not mainstream, but plain and simple: piano, drums, bass. Point.

Influenced by artists such as The Bad Plus, E.S.T., Thom Yorke, Bush to Muse, the debut has not become a pop, rock or electro album, even if it repeatedly makes use of song structures from these varieties of current music styles. Together with pianist Florian Kästner and bassist Philipp Martin, the trio around leader Jörg Wähner (Apparat, Bodi Bill, The DAS) explores the possibilities in such a way that the framework, the limit of the expected, is exceeded at any time. Produced in the Hansa Studio of Moses Schneider, the album is also a revelation for prying ears.

Listen Here:

And also, although a single speck of dust can be the enemy of all needles, there is the full sound enjoyment on vinyl. The possible noise, scratching or even crackling is worth the effort, because listening to records is a synonym for: sit down, shut up, listen. To devote yourself to SHRAMM, 40 minutes are enough. That’s how long the journey lasts that Android Scrip takes us on.

Verdict: A beautiful addition to any Jazz collection, I’m not exaggerating when I say the opening track ‘Abend’ could be mistaken for a Jazz standard with its perfect structure and flow, and so it goes for the wonderful trip that follows. Playful and bright compositions throughout, with some pieces taking on a more improvisational style than others. There is a vibrant energy in all the performances, with only ‘Ballade’ having that brooding late night vibe. Shramm have created a work that deserves attention, not only for the outstanding musicianship but having combined there talents to produce an album, that from the first note, has the signature of quality Jazz all over it.

Track List:

A1 Abend

A2 MIlla

A3 Spinner

B1 Salat

B2 End

B3 Change

B4 Ballade

A record reminding us to sit down, listen, and deal with ourselves – something important we often forget these days – Schramm

Out Now: Shramm: Androide Scrip (Edition DUR 09) – – Dussmann – Das Kulturkaufhaus

Shramm are:

Piano: Florian Kästner
Bass: Philipp Martin
Drums: Jörg Wähner

Recorded at Hansa
Studios Berlin by Nanni Johansson

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