Track: Pete Briley – Elvis

Pete Briley has shared the video for his brand new single ‘Elvis’.

Pete states:

“My debut album was pretty much finished, and then the main riff for Elvis came to me. I stuck a
little video of me playing it online and it shot to 10k views very quickly, with lots of comments from
people online asking me to do a tutorial on how to play the riff. With it connecting so well online, I
knew I had to get the song finished and include it on the first album.”

“The lyrics all flowed from a line I heard in a movie – “I got to feel like Elvis for a moment” – it really
struck me how that line kind of sums up our generation. We’ve all felt like Elvis for a moment, but for
most of us it’s tough out there. The day to day can be a grind and as the initial riff video had
carried over so well with lots of people asking for the tutorial videos online, I wanted the lyrics to
flow as an open invitation. “If you can’t be smart, be lucky, and if you can’t be lucky come join me
on the road, where you get to feel like Elvis for a moment” – I think music brings us all together, and
my hope is that this song reflects that.”

A cheery slice of rock n roll glinting in the sunlight. The track drags you in with its snappy riff as Briley takes us on a journey with his inspired lyrics. Perfect for long summer drives with the whole world in front of you, fresh and exciting and another banger from an original outlaw.

Check it out, here

Find out more via Briley’s Website or Facebook

Read our interview with Briley here

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