Track: Of Concrete Gods – Chasing Cliches

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With their new EP ‘HurtPeopleHurtPeople’ due this October …Of Concrete Gods have shared their new single ‘Chasing Clichés’.

The band comments:

“This is a song about not waiting around for the arrival of your princess or knight in shining armour. The Disneyfication of love and relationships means that people back away from good situations simply because they are expecting perfection and to not have to put in the work, so they spend their life chasing clichés and missing out on having wonderful people in their lives”

The band continue:

“The theme of the whole EP is summed up in the title – when people are hurt and broken, then most of the time they repeat the cycle and hurt other people that wander into their lives. It’s a hard cycle to break, and each song in the EP explores that idea from a different angle. Codependency, deceit, rejection, self harm, misanthrope, and various other forms of lashing out at people because you don’t believe yourself worthy of love”

An impressive 6 minutes of superb song writing. A rip roaring riff and vast slabs of grunge rock chords bring the heaviness, as the track is dominated by an excellent vocal performance thats as powerful as it is emotive. Not to be outdone by the vocals the guitars lay down a slick solo with a brutal palm muted bridge that builds to an explosive chorus. A song that will no doubt have many a spin by many a rock fan.

Check it out, here

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