Premiere: Daisy and the Dark release video for Red Planet

Recently I wrote about there being something about the Jones’s…Mr Jones (Counting Crows), (Me and) Mrs Jones (Billy Paul) and then Mrs Jones by Pearl TN.
This week I want to talk about the letter K, but not the ‘K’ synonymous with the popular horse tranquilizer.

Somewhere between the ghostly gliding and luscious laments of Kate Bush, the boldness of Bjork and the haunting images of Kylie as a red head, floating in a lake after spending too long with Nick Cave, comes Sarah Kayte Foster, a London & Cambridge based singer who enjoyed five years of fame with the Mediaeval Baebes before leaving to create ‘Daisy and the Dark’, a part collection of songs, part visual arts project.

Sarah-Kayte (The K in my rambling) trained as an actress and this is more than evident in her new video ‘Red Planet’ which we at Backseat Mafia are lucky enough to bring you before anyone else. The redness of the video, and her hair, and everything else that entwines this songstress makes for intense viewing whilst her breathy tones float around the striking images and act as a tranquiliser to the blood-red mood.

Her vocals have been compared to Kate Bush, Alison Goldfrapp and Sarah Cracknell whilst her love of magic has brought something new for the twenty-first century with her debut EP, out on July 10th, which includes a unique interactive app’ experience which Sarah Kayte describes as ‘magic meets technology’.

Sarah Kayte wanted to create an experience where the listener feels like they have a visual and physical relationship with the music again. The app’ is designed to allow the listener to not only switch between alternate mixes but also to custom-blend them whilst all-the-while exploring beautiful artwork and more about Sarah and the band, just like we used to with vinyl before the digital age came along and ruined it.

Sarah Kayte likes to create songs and visuals that have a sense of other wordliness about them; a dream-like circus, a haunted house – something secret and intensified…she has achieved this with Red Planet and we’re really looking forward to getting interactive with Daisy and the Dark’s ‘Red Planet’ on July 10th.

I’m off to the vets to get something to calm me down.

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