Premiere: Nashville’s Raeya releases the irresistible alt-pop of Dream; hear it first, here

Pulling together elements of electronica, indie and folk into her own brand of alt-pop, Nashville’s Raeya is back with a new single Dream, and we’re delighted to be able to premiere it right here on Backseat Mafia today.

Of the track, Raeya told us “Dream is a romantic parallel to a larger concept – it’s a song about being led by the dreams and visions in your mind, and actually having the courage to lead a life led by the desires in your heart. We often create a world of possibility in our head/mind but don’t fully have the courage to go for them, or to believe that our visions are possible. Dream is a song about wondering if your wildest visions can become a reality if you choose to believe that those possibilities exist for you, and that you are actually made for your wildest dreams and imaginations.”

Somehow ethereal and euphoric, dreamy harmony lines and backing vocals intertwine with bubbling basslines and beats as a gentle to and fro ensues, all wrapped up in this rather lovely melody that feels familiar all at once, surely the mark of a very good pop song. Which is exactly what it is.

Check it out, here

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