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Will Gorman

The Breakdown

A joyous outpouring of sunshine that you can't help but be infected by.

After teasing us with a string of singles, North East troubadour Joe Ramsey has finally released his EP ‘Making Notes’

Talking about the new EP, Joe shares:

“The meaning behind ‘Making Notes’ is through both definitions. I felt the past 18 months or so (since the pandemic started) has changed my life for the better, which I know is a weird thing to say. I wrote all of these songs in lockdown and how I basically find the simple things in life the most enjoyable and rewarding, and having all the time in the world to write and create, which I’d never had before.

The EP is a burden of positivity and hope, always finding that light at the end of what seemed like a never-ending tunnel for most people, which is highlighted massively in ‘Take It From Me’. ‘Two Sides’ reflects another notion however of a period of unknowing, and how at some point we will all experience both sides of ourselves as human beings. I was constantly writing and ‘making notes’ of the things that were happening on the day to day, and how it all seemed like a million miles away from me. I was cooped up in my house, almost oblivious to it all.

‘Take It From Me’ feels like the statement from the record, and is a song I am immensely proud of. It perfectly sums up the whole notion of ‘Making Notes’, and the whole process of recording and hearing this song go through all its different stages has been the best feeling.

To have the funding from Help Musicians to create this body of work has given me the opportunity to work with some incredible people, so I want to particularly thank my manager Lewis, producers Nick Cox + James Kenosha and Danny Thomas for making ‘Making Notes’ what it is.”

Firs three tracks of the EP are the three singles that were released end of last year and beginning of this year ‘Another Day’, ‘Caught In’ and ‘Two Sides’. All three tracks are indie-pop bangers benefitting from his eternally joyous sounding voice and the bright quality of the production. ‘Another Day’ is an acoustic and piano delight whereas ‘Caught in’ is a sublime upbeat electrified track that has one of his best vocal performances on the EP.

The last single ‘Two sides’ has a more mature sounding feel to it with some chilled interludes and a catchy drum beat under the infectious vocal phrasing. It takes us straight in the slow burner ‘Take It From Me’ which brings things down slightly after the upbeat singles. That’s not to say it’s down in the dumps though. The chorus has a wonderful uplift to it as Ramsey stretches his vocals like ‘Caught in’. The drums are spot on once again and really help to propel the track along hitting the emotive lyrics home.

The final track ‘Stride’ sums up how far Ramsey has come with his songwriting. The track flows with an affirmative message underpinning the vocals. Something that the whole EP does well to promote.It’s his melodic vocal lines that get under your skin and that perfect blend of instruments that lift the tracks from humble pop songs to absolute masterpieces.

One thing the lockdown has done is allow artists to create little gems such as Ramsey’s EP. It’s a joyous outpouring of sunshine and you can’t help but be infected by it. ‘Making Notes’ is just the start of this mans surely lengthy and wonderful career in music, making fantastic catchy tracks to make us all smile.

Check out the track an acoustic version of lead single Another day, below:

Find out more via Ramsey’s Facebook

Purchase the EP here

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