SEE: The lyric video for Horsey’s ‘Sippy Cup’: as if The Lemon Twigs were transposed into Brit culture

Jacob Read and Theo McCabe, one half of the bizarrely brilliant Horsey

WELL, you gotta hand it to ’em; they picked their ingredients, they simmered them down, and they arrived somewhere bewitchingly odd.

South London four-piece Horsey are as square a peg in as round a hole of British music culture as anything you’ll hear in a good while; and they’ve thrown themselves back into the spotlight with the lyric video for the whole one hundred and eleven seconds of “Sippy Cup”; they’ve handily included a time signature and the bpm so you can try this at home. (Actually, maybe don’t try this at home kids, unless you have a split-level brain).

It’s their first new material since 2019’s Bread And Butter EP (for which you can watch the title track, here) and heralds their signing to London’s achingly koool untitled recs – home to the likes of Jerskin Fendrix, Famous, Brad Stank and more.

OK, OK: so the ingreedyments seem to be this. It’s maybe what would happen if The Lemon Twigs grew up not on the American rock culture of the Seventies and Eighties, and instead snacked hard instead on the British; maybe take Mark E Smith, Queen, The Look; prog, powerpop, the shiny suited end of new wave, and refracted it through some weird lense yet to be scried by mere mortals. And, erm, here we are. You can’t make an omelette without weirding a few eggs.

The band describe “Sippy Cup” as being about “being, living and acting like a child.” Hence the pic of Jacob Read and Theo McCabe together as children; most of the band having been lifelong friends since nursery.

And that video? Well chaps, I hope you’re a fan of meat processing plants.

Sippy Cup” is out now via untitled recs and is available now on all digital service providers.

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