Premiere: A Permanent Shadow Shares It’s OK DJ Remix Of ‘Raincheck’ Ahead Of Upcoming New EP

A Permanent Shadow, the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist, producer and vocalist CP Fletcher is back with an upcoming EP ‘Undercover’. Ahead of the full release, Fletcher teases what to expect with a remix of the upcoming single ‘Raincheck’ from It’s OK DJ and we’re lucky enough to be running the premiere!

A cover of a song by 90’s electronic band Tin Star, the new remix of ‘Raincheck’ takes A Permanent Shadows Alt-Rock reimagining of the track and gives it a fresh kick of electronica, transforming the track into a euphoric, synth heavy soundscape. Built around a pulsing arpeggiated bass line, washes of pad synths swell around Fletcher’s pointed, biting lead vocal while punching beats underline the driving energy the track possesses.

Talking about the track, A Permanent Shadow explains: “Raincheck sums up the state we are in on a worldwide level. “We are heading into the dark age” could not be more apt an observation of the current state of affairs, although the track was written a quarter of a century ago.”

‘Raincheck’ and the full upcoming EP were both recorded at Barcelona’s Mini Blind Studios. Expansive, cinematic and futuristic, the remix teases the kind of music that A Permanent Shadow is capable of, offering an exciting taste of what to expect on the upcoming EP.

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