Film Review: The Swerve

Everyone has a limit. A limit to how much we can take before it all just becomes too much and we snap. Regardless of whether you have a long or short fuse, there’s a boiling point which once exceeded rapidly leads to a big bang. Much of this takes place internally, so someone can look normal on the outside whilst on the inside they’re on the brink of breaking down. This is the case in Dean Kapsalis’ new film, The Swerve.

To anyone looking in, Holly (Azura Skye) seems to have an almost perfect life. She has her dream job as a teacher, a caring and successful husband (Bryce Pinkham), a beautiful house and two perfect children. However, look closely and you’ll see the cracks. The insomnia. The prescription drugs. A homelife where she’s taken for granted. The reappearance of her alcoholic sister (Ashley Bell), a rogue rodent act and a deadly secret act as catalysts for a rapid deterioration.

The Swerve is a riveting and troubling psychological drama which relentlessly spirals out of control. This descent is driven by a stunning performance from Skye. She’s phenomenal as the brittle Holly, almost invisible as a person outside of her roles as a mother, wife and educator. She wears every crack on her face. Kapsalis, who also wrote the screenplay, keeps a tight rein on things in his feature debut. The Swerve is a taut, disturbing and unnerving experience.

The Swerve is available on VOD/Digital in the US from 22 September.  

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