News: Six by Seven launch kickstarter campaign for London live show

Fans who’ve harked back to the days of the spectacular live performances that Nottingham rockers Six By Seven churned out, particularly towards the beginnning of their career are going to be in a state of high excitement at the new that after 16 years, the original members – lead singer and guitarist Chris Olley will be the band members from their first two albums, James Flower on keyboards, Sam Hempton on guitar, Paul Douglas on bass and Chris Davis on drums, are back in the rehearsal rooms and ready to play a a very special one-off concert at Islington Assembly Hall in London on 4 March 2017, should their new kickstarter campaign be successful.

Chris Olley said of the campaign; “This would mean a lot to me personally and to the people who liked what we did back then too I think. This is because it’s been over 16 years since the five of us were all in a room together. I really like the idea of putting the gig out there for people to make it happen themselves. We need 500 people to make it happen, it’s that simple! I hope it works because we are all really up for doing it and playing those songs again.”

The band are aiming to perform two sets – one comprising of ten songs from their (fairly heafty) back catalogue, and the second being the bands 2000 breakout second album, The Closer You Get, in its entirety. Whatever the outcome, Beggars Arkive are planning a retrospective of the bands work for release sometime next year.

Head over to for more information and to donate. If you’re new to the band, or just want that little bit of Six By Seven fix, check out the Eat Junk video below.

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