EP: Sreym Hctim – Turn Tail

Brooklyn artist Sreym Hctim otherwise known as Mitch Myers is set to release his second EP via Illuminated Paths. Titled ‘Turn Tail’ it is five individual pieces of music playing with composition, soundscapes and DIY instrumentation.

‘Jigsaw Pieces’ plucks from a miniature harp, vinyl like scratching and soft female vocals opens the track before the harsh twang of a nylon strung toy guitar brings in plonking piano and a ramshackle beat is created topped with the whispered vocals. Its mismatch and unconnected but works so well.

‘How to break a circle’ sounds almost tribal in its chanting and receptive rhythmic banging of sticks and warbling instruments. Ending with a Kalimba bowed guitar and floor tom.

‘Lockers’ featuring male vocals and sped up toy synths is a standout track off the EP. The vocals fall and loop over each other creating this kaleidoscope into madness anchored by a single beat of a drum.

‘Armadillo’ Paranoid whispered vocals before rising notes played on a Otamatone break through crashing cymbals

‘Curfew Calls’ Deformed organs and cartoon oohs-and-aahs give an insomniac pivot in the mania of Turn Tail as the words “I need to get some sleep so I can clearly think”

Its an EP of experimentation and trial and error. Of seeing what works and shows a talent for song craft beyond the verse, chorus, verse, chorus formula. Theres moments of chaos that don’t make sense, but then there is beauty from broken organs and toy instruments you wouldn’t think possible. You may have never heard anything like this but I think you may like it.

Check it out, here

Find out more about Mitch on his Facebook

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