See: Forming the Void release new video for Trace The Omen

US progressive doom explorers Forming The Void have released their hypnotic video for their single ‘Trace The Omen’, taken from their new album ‘Reverie’.

With ‘Reverie’, Louisiana’s Forming The Void seeks to further explore aspects of the sound they’ve shaped on their previous outings, guided by a desire to strike a balance between organic and intentional. The result is an album that reaches new levels of refined depth, mystical energy and cosmic transcendence. 

It’s a unique potion. Soaring vocals, yet with a shoegaze feel to them. Swirling guitars reminiscent of The Doors, a repetitive musical mantra that remains captivating to the very end, weaving in and out of full on prog metal to calmer moments.

Trace the Omen is one of the most pessimistic songs on this album. It has an end of days theme and takes an indifferent look at it. The video concept is a tree of life growing and creating humanity, only to be destroyed by its creation. Cycle of life and death.” – James Marshall

‘Reverie’ is out now on Ripple Music.

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