Track: Why We Run – A Moment to Return

One of my favourite local Sydney bands, Why We Run, is back with no sign of a waning of their incredible talent. In fact, quite the opposite. I reviewed the debut single, ‘Comfortable Lie’, last year and follow-up release, ‘Ignites’ from with great enthusiasm, and they just keep getting better. Their atmospheric, enigmatic songs fuse Antipodean legends The Go-Betweens with The National – lilting melodies and crisp guitars over melancholic lyrics. And they always impress with beautiful videos.

Their latest release continues the trend. ‘A Moment to Return’ is a gentle melodic and mesmerising song that is like a slow-burning fuse. It insinuates its way into your consciousness with a melancholic drive. It’s accompanied by a beautifully shot video – a sort of Benjamin Button metamorphosis in the rising waves:

Just gorgeous. You can get the song on iTunes.

Why We Run consists of an ex-pat Belgian, Nic Cogels and a couple of Sydney locals, brothers Ed and Lloyd Prescott and Nick Langley. You can catch them live in Sydney on 24 March 2016 – more information here (including a link to free tickets).

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