Film Review: Estranged

Our brains can be fickle, such complex and intricate organs but when they go wrong they can destroy our world. If we lose our memory we lose the most vital part of ourselves. Not knowing where we come from or our upbringing makes us unsure of our present. Adam Levin’s new film, Estranged, plays on this theme, with Amy Manson playing January, a woman who can’t remember her past.

When January (Manson) and her boyfriend Callum (Simon Quarterman) are injured in a road accident they have nowhere to turn but to her family for help. Unfortunately, January left home some years ago, but amnesia suffered from incident means she can’t remember anything. The couple are shocked to find that her they live in a spacious country house but despite a seemingly warm welcome, all isn’t quite what it seems.

Estranged is an odd sort of film. There’s not that much in the way of conventional horror, the shocks play out on a more psychological level. It never really gets going though, and whilst it has a good premise, Manson never really makes good use of it. It takes a while to build up and then ends fairly swiftly, which will probably leave you wondering what the fuss was all about.

Estranged is released by Frightfest Presents and is available to download from Monday.

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