Track: Muna Moné Shares Mesmerising New Single ’15 Minutes’

Muna Moné returns with her latest single, ’15 Minutes’, her first release of the year. Oozing with seductive charm and commercial vibes, the track envelopes listeners in warm its ethereal atmosphere and infectious beat.

Built around a driving swing beat and velvety synths, Moné’s elegent, silky lead vocals are given the space to shine over the groove of the sonic backdrop. surrounded by vocal harmonies, the central vocal acts as guiding light through the track as it moves from its Afro-R&B-centric verses to an atmospheric end as watery synths float around and the track becomes enveloped in reverb.

Muna describes the story within ‘15 Minutes’ as “a spicy night out where someone catches your eye, providing a sultry, fun and in the moment experience.”

As a British-Nigerian artist, Muna Moné embraces her dual heritage both sonically and thematically, allowing her heritage to flavour her music, giving her sound a unique flavour.

Listen below:

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