News: Rising Multi-Media Artist OSLO Drops Energetic Dance-Pop Single ‘The Same’

Salt Lake City, Utah born up and comer OSLO has quickly risen to prominence. At just 23 years old, this multi-media artist is back with his latest offering, ‘The Same,’ a high-energy track that showcases OSLO’s unique blend of dance-pop and synth-pop.

OSLO’s music has a magnetic quality that ignites enthusiasm in its listeners, compelling them to move and groove to the beat while leaving a lasting impression that begs for repeat listens. His journey into music production began with composing chords and experimenting with self-sampling. OSLOingeniously crafted a sequence that evolved into a sample scratch-like sound, all while he skillfully played the piano atop it.

As he delved deeper into the music, OSLO introduced bass, drums, synthesizers, and a captivating guitar solo, effortlessly weaving the elements together to create ‘The Same.’ The lyrics for the track, including the catchy phrase “girl if you take some time,” came to him swiftly, reflecting the cheerful and carefree vibes that define this particular release.

OSLO shared his thoughts on ‘The Same,’ stating, “It’s me finding the OLSO groove. I love music that is effortlessly dance-y, and ‘The Same’ is the perfect example of that.”

As OSLO continues to push boundaries with his joyful energy and genre-defying sound, ‘The Same’ is poised to be another milestone in his rapidly growing musical discography. With its infectious beats and uplifting atmosphere, this track is sure to captivate music lovers and leave them eagerly anticipating what OSLO has in store next. Stay tuned for more electrifying tunes from this emerging artist on the rise.

Listen below:

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