TRACK: MEMES – Monday I Looked Like Death

Black and white photo of the band Memes
Credit: @dandrewcommercial

Glasgow’s MEMES have had one heck of a year, performing at festivals from SXSW in the US, to The Great Escape and Wide Days, earning a reputation for their sensory blitzing shows.  They have released their new single ‘Monday I Looked like Death’ which sees them continue to create their own style of frenetic furiously infectious indie-punk.  Talk about relatable lyrics! The routine of the days of week which for most revolves around the weekend and hence the struggle on a Monday. MEMES describe our lives which at times are a struggle with their mundane challenges, but they do so with a glint in their eye and a massive dollop of humour.

“Monday I was feeling bad
Tuesday I was feeling better
Wednesday feeling fine
Thursday feeling good
On Friday I was feeling great
Saturday I was feeling spiffin

Sunday I was sad
Monday I looked like death”

The music is always edgy and raw and danceable, thus making the world seem a better place for about three minutes at least. The guitar reverb midtrack perhaps signifies that stress and discomfort during the week, when all we want to do is get to the weekend again, and inevitably look like death by Monday.

“And red mist to light the fuse
So keep your head happy”

For more information on Memes please check out their facebook and twitter.

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