Premiere: Stellar electro goth maestros Lunar Twin exclusively unveil the atmosphere, brooding video for track ‘Android Dreams’.

An electronic pulse throbs its way through the atmospheric track ‘Android Dreams’ by the inestimable Lunar Twin, and we are very honoured to present to you the premiere of the cinematic video that breathes life into the animatronic thrub.

‘Android Dreams’ has a statuesque presence with its motorik heartbeat and quiet understated drive that snakes its way into the head. The vocals are whispered, deep and sonorous with an ominous edge, evoking an image of rich red velvet-walled bars late at night, bacchanalian excess and a sense of regret and loss.

The video contains creative common and fair use footage of work by the famed Dutch cinematographer Robby Müller who died in 2018. It was made by Frances Campbell, a fan of the group, re-filming and creating collages of Müller‘s works as a educational tribute to him, interspersed with the band performing. She felt like the band’s music was cinematic in nature and would be suitable pairing. Chris from the band says:

…really random things seem to happen to us: folks we have never met sending us such a cool video out of the blue wanting to collaborate with us for this tribute video.

Bryce adds:

I love the imagery: I was swept away in memories watching the collage Ms Campbell assembled

The result is mesmerising and immersive as the vocals intone softly I guess the hardest part is that humans have no heart over a set of sweeping, restless movements bathed in a muted night time neon glow.

Müller worked with the legendary directors Wim Wenders, Jim Jarmusch, Lars Von Trier and Sally Potter to name but a few, and his distinctive style and pioneering in digital cinematography seeps its way into the collages in the video. Widescreen and enigmatic, the images bleed and pulsate together in time with the beat of the track. The duo appear as ghostly apparitions against the backdrop of change and motion: enigmatic and mysterious:

This is tremendous stuff from a band that just gets better as time passes. The track is available to download and stream at all the usual places and you can get it and pre-order Lunar Twin’s forthcoming album ‘Aurora’, due out on 1 February 2023, below.

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