Track: Julian Scherle Shares Atmospheric-Electronic Beauty On ‘Truth Of Heart’ 

Julian Scherle shares the intricate, atmospheric and emotive new single ‘Truth Of Heart’.

A warming soundscape of muted piano, tight electronic beats and a wash of electronics is topped with Scherle’s understated, delicate and fragile lead vocals to capture an affecting melancholic depth. As the track builds introducing a pumping arpeggiator bass line, the track grows into a euphoric chorus, the vocals deliver layers of hamonising ‘oos’.

As comparable to Jon Hopkins as it is to Bonobo but still retaining more of a structured sense of contemporary songwriting, ‘Truth Of Heart’ is an excellent example of Julian’s abilities to create spellbinding, otherworldly music.

On the new single, Julian shares:

“At its core, the song is a love song for someone who is very close to my heart. I was going through some quite difficult personal challenges over the past year, which forced me to open my eyes and rethink what human connection and love really means to me. Along the way, I asked myself questions like, ‘How do traumas, anxieties, and societal norms shape the way we connect with other people?’ and, ‘Is this even compatible with human nature? Are we constructing relationships that are impossible to live up to our expectations? Are we setting ourselves up for guaranteed failure?’

Listen below:

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