News: Kyiv-Based Rockers The Roles Unleash New Single ‘I Try’

Hailing from Kyiv, Ukraine, the four-piece rock band, The Roles, has recently dropped their latest track, ‘I Try,’ a sonic journey exploring the complexities of relationships infused with an overarching theme of love. The band, despite facing the challenges in their city due to the ongoing situation, continues to make waves with their powerful and emotionally charged music, resolutely standing by their passion for music against all adversity.

‘I Try’ envelops listeners in a wall of sound, showcasing The Roles’ mastery of rock. Lead vocalist Nastya takes centre stage, delivering a performance injected with raw and honest intensity, highlighted by her distorted vocal effects and soaring delivery. The gritty and intense instrumentation delivers energy whilst creating a haunting atmosphere.

The band shares insight into their formation and the inspiration behind ‘I Try’: “All the band members are melomaniacs and somehow related to music since childhood, so it was just a matter of time to gather and make our own songs. The track describes relations between two lovers, its ups and downs, and the main goal is that each and every listener could find something personal while listening to it.”

Capturing the energy of the band’s high-energy live performances, the new single captures exactly the elements which have seen the band establish themselves on the Ukrainian music scene.

Despite the upheaval caused by the war, The Roles have had to relocate from Kyiv, the city that forms the backdrop to their music and identity. This displacement, however, has not dampened their spirits or deterred their aspiration to return to gigging and rehearsing as soon as possible. Through their music, The Roles intertwine the pain they feel from the situation, using it as a source of strength to persist despite the challenges they face.

Listen below:

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