Live Review: Covet / Colossal Squid – The Asylum, Birmingham 22.08.2022

Maxine Adams

Words and photos by Maxine Adams

1 man band Adam Betts from Colossal squid kicked off the Covet gig on a Sunday evening in Birmingham. A fan yelled ‘the best drummer in the world’ as he walked onto the stage, and after seeing what followed it was easy to see why he was praised so highly. 

In a flurry of technical drumming excellence and electronic/industrial pad work, Adam set the stage for an evening of amazing musicianship. He managed to captivate the audience single handedly, providing a very unique live music experience. 


Next up was the main act, covet. 

First greeted by their drummer Forrest with his impromptu stand up comedy routine. ‘We are black sabbath, we’re going to play some songs from paranoid’ he opened with… before then moving on to quiz the locals on their favourite foods until they were ready to play.

Right on time as the clock struck 9, Yvette started off with her incredible display of virtuosic guitar playing, characterised by her unique tapping and finger style. The set list started off soft and gradually increased in complexity & speed as the audience came alive. 

‘Do you guys mosh? Is that still a thing?’ Said Forrest as he started to hype the crowd up to really get moving… 

Overall it was a great show. Combining a fantastic display of musicianship with great crowd engagement and energy. I definitely recommend checking them out on their last legs of the tour.

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